Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Germany calls for Google to disclose "her secret grand"

Live the American company Google these days to the beat of great pressure exerted especially German authorities are required to reveal the "secret" its search engine, which is the most common and widely used among Internet users all over the world, and it seems that the charges faced by the Google monopoly and violation of privacy will increase unit.

And for a long time and Google is facing difficulties, especially in Europe at the level of respect for privacy, but this time it seems more serious, where officials demanded Germans Google to disclose the secret and the nature of the algorithms its search engine, especially with accusations that affected Google from a number of companies which confirms that American giant site supports its products and products of its partners for the results of the Bmahrkh to search.

In this context, pointed out the Minister of Economy and Energy German (Sigmar Gabriel) that dismantling Google became required on the back of its position Kmankr for this sector, as the Minister of Justice German (Heiko MAS) called for Google to disclose the modus operandi of algorithms its search engine and see on what basis Search results are arranged on the engine and is something which will allow to know if Google controls in these results or not.

Justice Minister German pointed out in an interview with the newspaper (Financial Times) American that Google acquires in Europe alone, 95 percent of the market share, and is a huge share and therefore the question about the secret of its own search engine is normal as this gives the company control large and should not be misused.

For its part, Google revealed through its spokesman for the site ( that Google operates transparently and they do not use the search engine in order to attack its competitors, also pointed out that the authorities concerned an internet to sponsor and enter confidential information related to its search engine algorithm, but the company can not deploy how the work of this algorithm for the general public and for security reasons in order to prevent hackers and others from penetrating its system.

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